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Unibyte Studios


The Story

Our story started in January of 2016 at the University of Jyväskylä. The three co-founders all started their studies in Information Systems Science (except Sampo, but let’s not get into that). We all were assigned to the same freshmen group and almost instantly became friends.

Fast forward to autumn Sampo and Markus talked about how cool it would be to start a company and make something, a couple of days after that Markus said that we could make a drinking game for mobile. So we got Juho on board and we started the rocky but awesome journey of Unibyte Studios.

After that, we have built our advisory board, worked on a couple of titles, had a couple of trainees. You know the normal company stuff.

The Team:

Sampo Tervomaa


Sampo from Unibyte Studios

I love making things grow so I centre my work around it. I mostly work on business development, marketing and find time to do work on our financials and administration. But my main task is making sure that the team (Markus) has enough coffee.

Markus Skyttä


Markus from Unibyte Studios

I am passionate about improving. You can always find better solutions to any problem, usually through trial and error. It is my responsibility to technologically find better ways to solve problems with the given resources.

Juho Laakkonen

Game Designer

Juho from Unibyte Studios

I work as a Game Designer because I love to create concepts for games and stories. I’ve been doing that as long as I can remember and even to this day I still spend a lot of time creating unique fantasy worlds and games.

Panu Niskakoski

Game Artist


I’m all about art, music, exercise and games. You are either practising and learning something new or relaxing and enjoying your well earned free time. Avoid the limbo of not doing neither. Time is money.

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